Look no further than L.E.A. Here’s why

We’re advocates. L.E.A. was born out of our firm belief in employee empowerment and bold leadership. Helping organizations achieve this through the services we provide is more than our business – it’s our passion.


We walk our talk. In everything we do, we embody the core values we have pledged to adhere to – integrity, clear communication, mutual trust, and professionalism. We apply the principles behind every strategy and solution we provide, in our own company culture.


We collaborate. We consider you as partners in our advocacy to build and nurture workplaces that brings out the best in employees. We value the input that only you can provide, in creating customized solutions aligned with your company’s goals.


We share what we know. We believe that expertise and knowledge are meant to be shared. The more organizations and employees we positively impact, and the more people know what we know, the happier we are.


We apply custom solutions. The needs and challenges of every company we work with are different. We tailor-fit techniques and strategies based on well-researched empirical data and your unique needs. 

Why Work With Us

Translation Support


Support effective communication in a multicultural workplace with our Haitian-Creole and French to English translation service.

Personal Development Coaching


Help team members and individuals go after what they really want with mindset training and goal setting habits.

Process Improvement Analysis


Use empirical data to identify opportunities for growth and recognize areas of strength.

Employee Development


Achieve company goals by nurturing committed, productive, and empowered employees.

Government Services


Combine best practices in government and in the industry to maximize organizational performance.

Services We Offer


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Guaranteed Results


We believe in collaboration to achieve our goals. We produce the best results because we combine our expertise with our client’s valuable input.

Integrity, Trust, and Honest Communication


Our service is anchored on integrity, mutual trust, and respect. We value clear, honest, and concise communication with our partners and colleagues.



Seasoned by 18 years of providing consultancy and leadership training to the government, corporate and small business sector, we work with our clients to foster employees’ growth and development.

Dynamic Team


We are a team of industry experts, highly adaptable to change and dedicated to continuous learning. We are certified in our fields of training, ensuring our ability to support our clients’ varied needs.



We created L.E.A with the firm belief that employee empowerment and bold leadership is key to achieving sustainable growth in any organization. We are passionate about creating strategies and solutions that enable employees to always be at the top of their game. We train leaders who inspire growth and motivate employees. Because when employees feel empowered and appreciated, they shine at their roles.

Employee Empowerment Strategies and Solutions

Data-Driven, Custom Solutions


We provide research-based, data-driven techniques tailored to address our client’s unique needs and at the same time, geared towards achieving long-term organizational goals.

Organizational Culture


Bringing out the best in people is our passion. We help our clients become bold leaders who empower employees to take ownership of their roles, transforming them into committed stakeholders in the company’s journey.

Industry Experts


We are a team of seasoned and certified leadership trainers, coaching professionals and skilled translators. Imparting our knowledge and proven strategies in developing a healthy organizational culture and employee relations is our expertise.

18 Years of Experience


We are equipped with over 18 years of experience in helping companies maximize employee potential. We have worked with the government and commercial sector in varied industries such as immigration, leadership consulting, and document translation.

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